Announced to students in 3th grade of senior high schol academic year 2011/2012, IPA programs, vocational majors Chemistry, SMTI, Analyst SMK, SMK Electronics Instrumentation, Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, or Automotive that Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Nuklir Yogyakarta receive registration bond to a new non-seeded School Program with the following requirements:
1. Have academic achievement, with an average value of at least 7.25 (seven point two five) for the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English, or into 10 (ten) of the class represented by a letter of recommendation from Head of School (form attached).

2. Pay a registration fee of Rp 100,000, - to STTN directly or transferred to the Bank BRI Seturan Plaza KCP account number: 1111.01.000010.30-4 a.n Bendahara Penerima STTN-BATAN.

3. Prospective students fill out the registration form STTN (form attached), enclosing copies of report cards semester 1 untill semesters 5 and recent photograph in black and white or in color, size 3x4 2 (two) copies.

4. Making paper containing motivational lectures in STTN BATAN with minimal handwritten one-page folio stripes.

5. Registration file received by the committee began on January 30, 2012 and no later than March 22, 2012, can be hand delivered or sent by post.

6. Acceptance of this selection program based on consideration of the average rank value of report cards and the representation of an area.

7. Selection results will be announced via the website on April 3, 2012.

8. For more information contact Subdivision and Alumni Affairs, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Nuklir Yogyakarta, Phone (0274) 484085, each working day Monday s / d Friday at 07.30 - 16.00 or via the web site: http://www.sttn-batan .

Jakarta, January 30, 2012

College of Nuclear Technology,

Dr. Sutomo Budihardjo, M. Eng ..
NIP. 19600422 198301 1001


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